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I was going to write up a little recap of 2015, but I changed my mind. I was not a fan of 2015. I’m just going to throw a match, close the door on the year and run like hell. Boom.

I did two different find out what your word of 2016 should be things and got the same word: change. Admittedly, they might use the same algorithm but a different click bait link, but I’ll still take it as a sign. Anything to not end next year like this one.

Leap years were always my favorite. So many good things – an extra day! Olympics! Presidential elections! And then 2004 came around and ruined everything. Now that it is, I don’t know, TWELVE years later, I think it’s time to stop letting a single bad year hang over my head.

I am making piles of resolutions this year. PILES. And I am going to keep them. Because they are dorky and number based. And I am telling YOU my fearless, but only, reader. And that might keep me honest.



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