Old Year Old You

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be new or better or different or improved. And saying you want change doesn’t mean you are filled with self-loathing or hatred or despair. Or maybe it does. I don’t care if someone does resolutions or habit changes or words of the year. I don’t care if they don’t. I like the refresh and change vibe for the new year and I don’t think it disparages the old me to think I could do a few things better.  In fact. I can do a whole lot of things better.

I used to have a career in performance improvement long ago. I wired my brain to look at a system and try and find the flaws, identify the missed opportunities, rearrange the pieces to make a better, more optimal workflow. Another, trickier,  part of my job was goal setting. Part of that was convincing people who think everything is fine that there is always room for improvement, which is true for systems and workflow, but maybe not so much for people.

The week between Christmas and the start of the new year is interesting on the internet. Endless year end best of lists, which I love, and endless bickering about resolutions vs no resolutions which I love a lot less. I fully get the need for people to state they aren’t doing resolutions this year, what I don’t love is the way a lot of people make it seem like their s position on not needing a resolution  is better than the people who do.

So I wrote to here and then I had to fold some laundry and make some tea and heat up some applesauce and other various ephemera of the weekend home with kids and as I performed the mindless tasks I realized that I was doing exactly what the people I am complaining about are doing. I can’t say I believe that you be you, but add on a but. Well. Clearly I can. But I don’t think the person I am hoping to be should.

More on who I am hoping to be tomorrow. I have plans for 2019.


Big plans.


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  1. Mary says:

    Maybe there is nothing wrong to try to improve yourself, but it can be very frustrating activity. So now, I feel good and I stay well with myself, without trying to develop my person.


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