Resolution Prepping

If you are anything like me, well then, one I feel so very sorry for you and two it is time to start thinking about New Year Resolutions. I like to obsess the entire month of December about them and then pretend to casually think them up on New Years Day and be all unprepared.


This year I am going to be a little more proactive. I know I will be going back to low carb/keto, hopefully this time as a permanent lifestyle change. (In fact, I hope to be implementing quite a few permanent lifestyle changes for 2019- more to come one that). One of the things that always trips me up when switching to a new way of eating is that step one is almost always throw out all non-compliant food, which seems so wasteful.

So this year, my action plan is to plan ahead! Between now and January 1st I am going to use up/eat up/clean up and toss all expired non-low carb food that I might eat. Spencer can keep his Easy Mac because it is disgusting and not at all tempting. The cookies? I will eat them. The candy? I volunteer as tribute. All Christmas treats lurking about will be enjoyed by the end of 2018. It must be done.

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