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Wordless Wednesday: Haircut Bribery

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

Well. We got him from this:



through this

to this

by promising this

Fun times were had by all at the Chuck.

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OMG Big Buzz Lightyear Day

Monday, March 5th, 2012

Something monumental happened over the weekend in the babybabylemon household: pacifiers were given up. We’d been trying to figure out how to make this happen, but not that hard. I know they say the magic number is beforeĀ  2 years old for ideal quitting age, but that came and went last July and we never did a thing about it. I did have lots of excuses – not before our vacation, not until after BlogHer, not until he sleeps through the night and then we rolled around to March. I knew I wanted to be done by 3, but… ugh. Kiddo was hardcore addicted.

TL;DR version: Spencer gave up his pacifier, got a big Buzz and promptly lost his shit. Photos below. Or, if you’d like to know details, carry on.

We already had some rules in place: no pacifiers at school, at the park, in the back yard, at the dining table, and we tried to outlaw them most places when we were out. We popped it out when he was sleeping at night, so waking and looking for one was never really an issue, but he used it to fall asleep. I always kept one on hand though. Part of the issue (for me), is that Spencer is pretty tall so he looked like a much older kid using one and I was embarrassed. Also, I was sick of them in pictures and missing his smile.

Saturday afternoon, Spencer woke from his nap and we were all sitting in his room and my husband noticed that his pacifier was cracked. We told him he couldn’t use that one anymore and asked him to go throw it in the trash. He did pretty willingly, so I told him he could have Big Buzz if he threw out ALL of his pacifiers. I was totally kidding. Spencer, however, responded with a dead serious ok, let’s go downstairs and do just that.

Some background: Spencer is Toy Story obsessed. OBSESSED. Last Christmas, he told us over and over he wanted Jessie and Bullseye (he already had Woody) and that is what he told Santa the first time. When we went back to Santa for photos, Spencer said he wanted Buzz. I’d already purchased Jessie and Bullseye and was worried about how hard/fragile Buzz would be (he’s all plastic) we told Spencer he could have Buzz when he turned 3. This became a running family joke. We’d ask what he got when he was 3 and he’d say Big Buzz! So. Getting Buzz early would be a very big deal.

We came downstairs and he threw them all in the trashcan. The gross kitchen trashcan on top of bacon packaging and egg shells, so I was hoping this stuck and wouldn’t necessitate a midnight drugstore run. He didn’t mention them again until bedtime 5 hours later. He asked about going to get Buzz and I told him the mall was closed and we’d have to go when it opened on Sunday. I figured that gave us overnight and nearly 24 hours to see what happened.

He played and generally was awesome until bedtime and then the regrets and whining started. I explained that we didn’t have any pacifiers to give him and he would just have to go to sleep without one. He said he didn’t want Buzz anymore and I said that was ok, but we still didn’t have any pacifiers to give him. I just kept stressing that he threw them out and chose to throw them out to get Buzz.

When he got up on Sunday morning, he asked for one, but then got excited to go to the mall and the Mickey store. The mall opens late on Sunday (of course) and Spencer has been getting up before 7, so we had some time to kill. My husband was working, so we met him for a coffee break at 9 and then went to the bookstore, pet store and craft store (all in a row in a strip mall) and then lo and behold it was 1045 so we drove to the mall.

And Spencer lost his mind.


Craft store.

Open! Open! Open!

This one!

SALE! Woohoo!

I think he likes it.

Play time.


Second sleep with no pacifier.


I’ll admit that it hasn’t been all sunshine and bunny kisses. He’s asked for pacifiers a few times (ha. tons of times) and at one point yesterday, he put Buzz back in the box and asked to put him away and have pacifier instead. He seems to be on the road to acceptance and I love seeing him smile. An added bonus is that his drooling seems to have stopped.





Breakfast with Spencer: A Short Play

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Scene {kitchen}
Spencer: What’s dat, mama?
Me: It’s a bagel. I’m going to toast it and put cream cheese on it. Do you want one?
Spencer: No, just help you.
Me: I’m putting it in the toaster, it’s too far back for you to help, but you can help me put cream cheese on it. Do you want one?
{toaster reads 3 min left}
Spencer: No. Just help you. Done now?
Me: No, when it says 0:00
{gets out cream cheese, toaster reads 2 min left}
Spencer: What’s that? Done now?
Me: Almost. It will beep.
{toaster beeps and blinks 0:00}
Spencer: Done NOW!
{puts bagel on plate}
Me: Ok. Hold my hand and help me spread it. Do you want one?
Spencer: Spread it, OK!
Me: Ok. Do you want half? I can cut it.
Spencer: No. Just help you eat it.
{grabs full half a bagel, licks it makes a face}
Spencer: Yuckers.
{drops on floor, cream cheese side down. Of course.}



Wordless Wednesday: 2.5

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Spencer had his half birthday last week and while we don’t do much, we do try to at least acknowledge it. My original plan was to make some cupcakes, but I lost all motivation, but I’m glad I did. We picked up one of those big slices of cake when we got some takeout for dinner and I think it was the first time Spencer had chocolate cake. The results were hilarious. By the time he finished eating (and we gave him maybe a quarter of a slice), he was singing songs comprised mostly of jibberish.

He's got the 2 down, working on adding the point five


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