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2016 Goals by the Numbers

Thursday, January 7th, 2016

There is an old saying that doctors make the worse patients. I think that must also hold true for (former) performance improvement specialists. I can improve anyone but myself… One of the adages in the industry is that it is better to set hard but achievable goals rather than easy to meet low hanging fruit goals. Why try and improve something by 5% when you can go for 25%?

I am taking that approach with goals for the year. My word per a facebook poll was change, so change it will be. I hope that having so many goals and things to do will keep me busy and on track. I’ll set up a page per goal to help myself keep track. I don’t think I’ll blog anything unless it is super noteworthy. Well, I will blog the blog posts that are part of goal #3. They might be book reviews in conjunction with goal #1.


  1. Finish readingĀ 52 books by female authors. (Any book completed for the first time in 2016 counts, regardless of when I started the book.)
  2. Try 52 new recipes. Maybe this is the year I will finally master the lamb chop. But this is recipes, not try 52 new through random stuff in a pans. I feel like our meals are getting boring because my basic skills are getting rusty.
  3. Write and publish 52 blog posts.
  4. Complete 1 whole 30.
  5. Get outside with my camera on a non holiday 12 times.


We. Will. See.



New Year. New Snow.


Year in Review | Year in Preview

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

I was going to write up a little recap of 2015, but I changed my mind. I was not a fan of 2015. I’m just going to throw a match, close the door on the year and run like hell. Boom.

I did two different find out what your word of 2016 should be things and got the same word: change. Admittedly, they might use the same algorithm but a different click bait link, but I’ll still take it as a sign. Anything to not end next year like this one.

Leap years were always my favorite. So many good things – an extra day! Olympics! Presidential elections! And then 2004 came around and ruined everything. Now that it is, I don’t know, TWELVE years later, I think it’s time to stop letting a single bad year hang over my head.

I am making piles of resolutions this year. PILES. And I am going to keep them. Because they are dorky and number based. And I am telling YOU my fearless, but only, reader. And that might keep me honest.



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