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Budding Foodie?

Friday, March 26th, 2010

So far, Doodlebug seems to like most food he tries, with yogurt being his new favorite. The biggest misses were probably cauliflower and peas, but I didn’t like that batch of peas much either. I am not sure how steamed and chopped peas ended up dry, but they did.  He is a very thoughtful eater, stopping to savor each bite. He has tried Cheerios and Apple Puffs and seems to like them ok, but prefers them fed to him. He is such a diva. I really want to stick to baby led weaning, but I don’t really have the patience or the tolerance for the wasted food. I do try and pay close attention to his cues, and let him guide the spoon. It just kills me that the bulk of the puffs I put on his tray end up on the floor. He can feed himself Mum Mums ok, but doesn’t quite get it yet with the smaller stuff. We were working on it tonight, but he really wanted to have me feed him. He would even eat them off my palm like a pet, rather than feed himself. I figure we’ll just keep trying and work it out together.

Edited 3/27: The laws of the internet prevailed and the breakfast after I posted this, he figured out how to feed himself puffs and started scarfing them down with no assistance from me.

Hide the cords

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

We are hitting milestone after milestone here in babybabylemoville. After a few weeks of scooting and a few days of a strange hybrid three legged crawl-scoot (scrawling? croot? who knows.) he has developed a slow paced crawl. I had heard stories about how once babies learn, they take off at top speed, but my guy is a thoughtful, purposeful little guy so far. He really seems to be thinking about how to get where he is going.  I haven’t been in hurry for him to crawl. The lazy mom in my likes him stationary, but I am getting tired of the pitying looks from people after my negative answer to their crawling query. Now, I can say yes and polish their version of my good mom badge.

Crawling baby

Poised for action


Monday, March 22nd, 2010

Baby got some teeth, two on the same day, in fact. His front two bottom teeth. Hopefully that explains some of the frequent night wakings. It has gotten so much worse in the last few weeks that it is not even funny. He did sleep through the night again. Once since December. I know a lot of moms would say that babies, especially breastfed babies, just don’t sleep through the night yet. But he used to. From August to December, then he just stopped and slowly started waking more and more each night. But wait. This is supposed to be about teeth. It looks like he might get his top two soon, they are starting to bulge a bit.  Blurry tooth proof:

First two teeth

No pain, no gain?

Friday, March 19th, 2010

I knew childbirth would be painful. I knew that some day my little boy may break my heart by running of with Suzi Someone who I could never think is good enough for him. Those newborn cries caused a stabbing pain in my stomach as I desperately bounced and rocked and soothed. What I wasn’t expecting was how much physical pain a cute little baby can cause.

At nearly 8 months, I have nail grooming pretty much under control, but endured months of scratching as I mustered up the courage to use the clippers; filing only helps so much. But now there is a whole new world of pain the Doodlebug can inflict: pinching, grabbing, head butting and hair pulling. Oh the hair pulling. At first he just tugged on the ends of my hair when nursing, wearing it back and then a trim solved that problem. Now, however, he is full on pulling: at the temples, the whole ponytail, yanking on loose hair. I am not sure when babies understand no. I untangle him and say no, but he giggle and pulls again. I was enduring it ok, but then he pulled someone else’s hair and I was a little embarrassed. I definitely got the “you can’t control your baby” vibe. I guess he will learn with time.

And yesterday we had our first nursing bite. It wasn’t the blinding pain I was expecting, so perhaps it was more of a nip than a bite, but it was worse than the hair pulling. And my husband just glibly stated, “Well, I guess that’s the end of nursing.” And, in a word, NO. The baby and I will work through this phase the same way we worked through him falling asleep every time he nursed – with love and patience. And not too much pain, I hope.

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