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New Facebook Page

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

I jumped on the bandwagon (late of course) and finally set up a Facebook page for this here blog. I think you should go like it. Because I am needy. And having less than 10 people so far depresses me.  It wont be spammy. Just links and videos. Videos that you can’t see on this blog because I am too lazy to set up a you tube channel embed them from. Videos of Spencer running around the house yelling BAAAALLLLLLLLE! Maybe. If you are lucky.

Back to Blogging: Day 1

Monday, September 13th, 2010

I am participating in the SITS Girls Back to Blogging event this week. It seems like a fun thing to do and it will be nice to see how my writing and my blog have evolved over the last year. The assignment for today is to re-post my first blog post which I have done below.

One month

So, I have survived my month as a mother.  And so has the baby.  I’ve learned at least 10 new things everyday, most importantly, perhaps, for this project, how to type  one-handed. Some background:  I had a relatively easy pregnancy, no complications and almost no problems at  all  until the last few weeks.   This culminated in an induced vaginal delivery and a bouncing baby boy.  The induction was due to ruptured membranes: my water didn’t break per se, the little guy tried to kick his way out and put a hole in the top of the sac.  I am working on breastfeeding, but am not evangelical.  I am just trying to be the best mom  i can and hope to use this blog to write things out.


It isn’t the most fabulous first post, but it isn’t that embarrassing either. If I could go back in time, about all I would fix that lowercase I in the last sentence and maybe be a little more interesting. When I started, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted this space to be and that is pretty obvious in the post.  That was the extent that I ever wrote about my birth story, which I do regret a little. Everything is a little fuzzier now, and I would like to have captured the story more in the moment.

How to increase blog traffic: a novice perspective

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I am not claiming to be an expert. I am also not claiming that these are all sustainable methods, but I have done some experimenting and in my one year of blogging experience, reading on the subject and attendance at bloggy boot camp, these are some tips that I have found. Speaking of bloggy boggy boot camp, I recommend that everyone attend a session regardless of skill level. You are bound to learn something. I might even go again.

1. Find a weekly meme that suits your blog and has a link-up. Wordless Wednesday is a good example of this. People will come to your blog to leave their link. You’ll get comments and a traffic spike. This takes some effort, though. For most memes, you need to visit a bunch of sites, leave a comment, enter your info in a linky. It is very quid pro quo, but it gets you traffic. However, don’t do it if the overall tone doesn’t fit your blog. People can tell and you might lose your regular readers.

2. Comment. Comment. Comment. A lot of bloggers will come visit the blog of someone who comments on theirs. Find bloggers you like and regularly post meaningful comments. Don’t just write “Great Post!” or “Love it.” Try and interact and develop a relationship.

3. Use your stats. This one is from bloggy boot camp. Find out what your highest traffic posts are – you could write similar posts. What are your busiest days? Be sure and post and promote on those days. How are people finding your blog? All of this is handy info and can be found in Google Analytics or another stats program.

4. Related to stats – search terms. Do you know what search terms people are using to find your blog? Can you write about things people are googling? I discovered the benefits of this when I wrote my post that mentioned bloggers who boycott nestle. For about two weeks, I  got hits from the following terms: nestle boycott, robeez and formula, and nestle and robeez. It was an unexpected bonus from an organic online rant. At bloggy boot camp, it was mentioned that you can also write about things that are culturally popular at the moment to get so traffic. Bacon, specifically bacon cupcakes, were used as a tongue-in-cheek example.

5. Write a How-To. That’s another nugget from bloggy boot camp that I am testing out with this post. How-To posts can get picked up by search engines and sites like eHow. How-To videos are especially popular. In fact, I sat next to someone at lunch that day who filmed a tv show pilot based on some How-To cooking videos she made.

6. Giveaways. These can be tricky and this is something I have not done myself, but I have personally seen some blogs blow-up with comments on a popular giveaway post for a fan favorite, like Modern Bird art or Nifty Nappy diapers. I’ve also seen giveaways used to increase a blogger’s number of Twitter followers, Google Friend Connects or get votes on some of the mom blog ranking sites, but that is a matter of personal preference.

There are lots of other ways to increase blog traffic that I haven’t gone in to, including search engine optimization and photo indexing. I am no expert and these tips won’t necessarily improve traffic for the long haul. Be true to yourself and people should follow.

Bloggy Bootcamp SF

Tuesday, August 24th, 2010

I had a great time at Bloggy Boot Camp. It was inspiring, educational and fun. It was also nerve-wracking, overwhelming and slightly terrifying. There are some great summaries already up here and here. I also realized once again why I tried to only take morning classes in college – I really struggled to pay attention in the afternoon sessions. It isn’t that they weren’t interesting, Ted Rubin had fascinating things to say about Open Sky; my brain was just done.

After I dealt with the nearly insurmountable hurdle of walking in the room, I sat at my first assigned table, exchanged cards, and listened while everyone chatted. This is a mistake I would continue to make through out the day. The first speaker was Jessica Bern of BernThis who was hilariously informative about vlogging. You probably won’t ever see a vlog on here, but she was great. She was followed by Julie  of Angry Julie Monday who discussed privacy. Her tips can be found here.

Great tips were shared by all of the speakers and Tiffany the host throughout the day. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) was discussed and apparently if you want more traffic, you just need to write about bacon, especially bacon cupcakes. Also, a How To post is a great way to increase traffic as it shows up when people type “how to not make an ass of yourself at a blogging conference” in to google. (Note: that is not answered in this post.)

Following those two lovely ladies were talks on product endorsement, social media usage, open sky, legalities of blogging and then the day wrapped up with a speaker who discussed the art of writing. I’m not kidding when I say it was a lot to take in. I actually completely forgot one of the speakers until I read someone else’s recap of the event. I would recommend searching #bloggybootcamp in twitter and reading the recaps. There is so much to learn and everyone’s take-aways from the event differ. So interesting what different people felt was important or memorable.

At a table change

I was so freaked out by the networking/talking to strangers aspect of the event that I couldn’t absorb all of the information. And I didn’t take notes. So dumb. I also failed to take notes on people’s business cards for the people I did talk to, so I have a huge stack of cards and I am not quite sure who anyone is. I especially was not a fan of the tables where people just passed their stack of cards around. Unless I already knew someone, I have no clue who anyone was at those tables.

The view from the conference room was amazing.

I didn’t really network. I am bad at it. I did get to meet some twitter friends (@ITSMoments, @emmie_bee and @BringUpBee) in person which was awesome.  And I sucked it up and went to the after-party at Slide alone. I had to hide in the bathroom twice before anyone I remembered showed up. I did get a chance to chat with AngryJulie and got up the nerve to say hello (and OMG get a hug) from Her Bad Mother herself Catherine Connors. I left the party early and got back to the room to a very unhappy baby who missed his bedtime and his mama, but that got resolved with some jammies and some kisses.

All in all, I am glad I went. I know what I did right and what I did wrong. I might just have to go to the San Diego Bloggy Boot Camp in March. I would love to listen to great speakers again, but really would like to try again at networking, maybe have a better elevator pitch about my blog and be able to stay out and party with the big girls at the after-party.

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