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A Moment Between Brothers

Monday, November 9th, 2015

At the play area the other day, we told Spencer it was time to eat. Without any prompting from us, Spencer took Truman’s hand, led him over to the shoes, sat him down and helped him on with shoes. It’s nice to know we are doing something right. Somehow.


Three Weeks!

Sunday, March 9th, 2014

Three weeks, almost a month! We’re surviving. Our biggest challenge right now is the big kid/little kid attention battle. Spencer asks for something the minute I start changing a diaper or feeding the baby and gets annoying because he is “always waiting.” I’m working on asking Spencer if he needs anything before I get started on a Truman task and it is helping a little.

Blurry but cute

It doesn’t help that our house is in utter chaos because we are moving. Have I mentioned we’re moving? My husband took a job transfer and we are headed off to a decidedly noncoastal part of California. I am trying not to freak out that moving day is one week from today.

Staying out of the way counts as helping.

There will be more blogging later, but for now it is all boxes and packing paper all the time.

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