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An Afternoon Break with Tonx Coffee

Tuesday, February 26th, 2013

Spencer is three and a half now and that is a turbulent age. <– massive understatement of the year By the afternoon we have had about enough of each other and need a break. Lately that break has involved cookies and caffine and he is getting way to in to helping me make coffee, luckily he hasn’t asked to drink it. Yet.

I love Tonx coffee. It is roasted and then shipped within hours of being roasted to the flavor is amazing when it is ground at home. I’ve never had coffee this fresh at home. This coffee is so delicious that the packaging includes a secret sniffing portal.

Tonx is offering free trials right now so there is nothing to lose by trying it out. Don’t have a coffee maker you say? I don’t have a traditional coffee maker and I can brew whole bean coffee just fine either in my french press or the refillable k-cup for my keurig. It tastes great both ways.

 Anyone can try their coffee by doing for a Tonx free trial. Just head over to Tonx and sign-up.* They can put you on an every two weeks delivery schedule so you always have the freshest supply. 

So after Spencer helped me brew my cup, we had a cookie.

He’s coming for the cookie.

And if you are wondering why during my bon-bon eating, yoga pants wearing, slacker stay at home mom life I might need a break, let me display the wide view of my very closely cropped afternoon coffee break with Tonx.

Everything is always a mess.


The Tonx team is made up of experts with years of experience from seed to cup. They know that home-brewed coffee can be just as good as your favorite cafe. It’s not as hard as baristas make it out to be – but it all starts with fresh beans, which you can’t get if you buy bags of beans from grocery stores. Pre-ground coffee is even worse. Great coffee actually has very little to do with fancy gadgets and expensive gizmos.

The best part? Your Tonx Coffee subscription is very easy to manage, and they have great customer service because we appreciate every customer. They will always be transparent with how your subscription is being managed, and it’s very easy to pause, cancel, or adjust your quantity for your needs. If you ever need tips or advice on how to get the most out of your coffee, they are always available to chat.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tonx Coffee.

*Full disclaimer: Tonx will ask for credit card and automatically subscribe users to the lowest monthly subscription unless they cancel. They provide very clear messaging and reminders (via email) before moving users to a paid subscription.


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