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Spring Garden Cupcakes

Tuesday, March 8th, 2016

Full disclosure – I didn’t make this or think of it. These Spring cupcakes were the project for Spencer’s final 4H Intro to Baking class. They’re so cute, I couldn’t resist posting them. I don’t have the exact recipe, but I know enough to explain how to recreate them.

easter spring garden

They made a basic chocolate cupcake (from a mix or I love this one from Martha Stewart) and frosted the cupcakes with chocolate buttercream and topped with crumbled chocolate graham crackers (crushed chocolate wafer cookies could also be used). The basic idea for the cupcake is a dirt cake/cupcake, but topped with a strawberry dipped in orange candy melts to look like a carrot. (I imagine dyed white chocolate could also be used.)

Garden Carrots


To make the “carrots,” follow the directions on the candy melts, but basically you melt the candy melts over low heat, dip the strawberries in and then let them cool on wax paper.

Truman has an egg allergy so Easter is one of the trickier holidays. An egg free alternative to the cupcake is just placing the dipped strawberries on some shredded coconut, you could also dye the shredded coconut green if you wanted more of an easter grass feel.

I had a hard time keeping Spencer’s hands off of the cupcake. He was not pleased I wanted to take photos, making the wait time even longer. “Mo-oooom, I just want to pick the carrot. I made it.”



Special thanks to Annette, and 4H baking. If you ever see this, thanks for the idea! And sorry about the photos, Spencer barely let me take photos with my phone, let alone get the camera out or set anything up. And yes, the cupcake is a little smooshed and lopsided. It was made by a 6 year old! Looks pretty good to me!

Amazon affiliate links were used in this post. All of you pennies, they will be mine.

A Berry Special Cake

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Spencer’s grandmother had a birthday last weekend and Spencer insisted on making a cake. At first he wanted to make a carrot and applesauce cake and then he changed his mind to a strawberry cake. After some googling (and realizing that I need to look up “fresh strawberry cake” to avoid those made with gelaitin or box mix) I stumbled on the Smitten Kitchen Strawberry Summer Cake. She doesn’t like things that are too sweet so this was perfect.

But then tragedy stuck and I realized I only had a half pound of strawberries. I decided to add in 8 ounces of blueberries and hope for the best. It turned out great!

Pushing the fruit in to the batter was his favorite part. And he is getting so good with the mixer. He turns it on and off, raises and lowers the top and does a nearly serviceable job of scraping the sides of the bowl down with a spatula. Not bad for not yet 3. (10 days oh em gee! He’s almost three!)

Finished cake. Glad I didn’t try and get it much browner, it would have been to dry.

He helped grandma whip the cream and earned the beaters.

Flash + low light + whipped cream = disaster photography

Digging in.


I really need to start using my camera at my in-laws, not my phone if I am going to be blogging the photos.

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