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Summer Elixir: Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Drink

Friday, June 6th, 2014

We actually really do call this apple cider vinegar and (local) honey drink “elixir” in my house. As in, “hey can you make me some elixir?” It’s hilarious; we are also easily amused. The internet makes many, many claims about this drink and many sites do call it elixir. Apple cider vinegar and honey drink in fact is just about the opposite of dr google. You know how they say you can google any symptoms and end up diagnosing your self with cancer? This drink can cure that cancer. (not really. Well, it might cure self-diagnosed google cancer).

I actually drank diluted apple cider vinegar (organic, must have the mother, etc. just get Bragg) while I was pregnant and it helped with lots of things. My skin felt better, my scalp itched less, supposedly my blood sugar was regulated. It all might have been psychosomatic, but I feel like I noticed a difference after I let my afternoon digestive go by the way side. I heard about the Bragg’s premade ACV and honey drink and decided to restart my vinegar habit, but there aren’t any stores in town that sell it so I was forced to try and make my own.

This drink won't cure cancer but it might help with your breath

I found a few recipes on the internet and a whole bunch of insane claims about apple cider vinegar (it is second only to coconut oil for the most uses on pinterest. Wait. Those are both behind mason jars, so second and third), including this one that says apple cider vinegar and honey drink could cure premature aging, obesity, food poisoning, heat exhaustion, acid reflux/heartburn, brittle nails, bad breath, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and eczema. I have many of those things. Count. Me. In.

It took me about a week to figure out my amounts and mixing method. I am pretty pleased with the results. My husband likes it too, but Spencer won’t go near it. I guess I can’t help his premature aging. I put cinnamon in mine, my husband prefers it without. I figure a little cinnamon can’t hurt, according to this it helps with cancer, so that is just doubling up really. Honeyed Apple Cider Vinegar drink is brisk and refreshing on a hot day. Since I have given up home soda, I look forward to it as my treat, non coffee, drink of the day.

Drink it or this skull could be you


Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey Elixir
makes one drink

1 tablespoon  apple cider vinegar, I use Bragg
1 tablespoon honey, preferably local and organic, but definitely domestic
sprinkle of cinnamon
ice, if desired

  1. Measure the honey and put in to your glass first. (I use 8-16 ounces of water depending on what I feel like)
  2. Measure the vinegar and add to the glass. Mix well.
  3. Add cinnamon, if desired
  4. Slowly add room temperature water, mixing well. If the water is too cold the honey will clump on the spoon)
  5. Add ice, if desired.  

apple cider vinegar and honey drink

PLEASE NOTE: I am not saying this drink will actually cure anything. It tastes good though and it MUST be better than soda. Although that claim is not scientifically proven either. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. OR SCIENTIST. OR AUTHORITY ON ANYTHING.
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