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3 Top Tips – Feeding a Baby/Early Toddler

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Do you find your self dispensing the same advice over and over again on twitter? Even butting in to give it when two other people are chatting? No? Just me then. These are 5 tips I wish I had known so much sooner when Spencer first started eating through about 16 months. These are tips people told me or I figured out the hard way that would have made life so much easier if I only I had known them sooner.

1. Add some vanilla to milk if your 12 monther (or older) doesn’t like to drink it. While I am not forcing the dairy issue, if you want your child to drink milk and they don’t like it, try adding vanilla and warming it slightly. Worked like a charm with Spencer and he was off the vanilla added in about 2 weeks. Edited to add: Suzanne made a great point in the comments – there are lots of good alternatives to dairy that can be tried too: rice milk, soy milk, hemp milk, almond milk. I forget because Spencer hated all of them.

2. Baby-Led-Weaning (BLW) does not have to be all or nothing. BLW is one of those parental choices like babywearing, which some people use a lifestyle, but can also just be a tool. The would does not have to be divided in to BLWers vs. Spoon Feeders. (Why yes, I have heard people who feed their children purees as Spoon Feeders derisively. Sometimes, you just have to laugh at the twitter.) We did a ton of BLW with Spencer, but I also gave him oatmeal, yogurt and applesauce with a spoon. Sometimes I would hand him the spoon. You can decide your own level of comfort, don’t let the hardcore practitioners out you off.

3. Try similar foods – both texture and taste. This seems like it would be so obvious, but I didn’t figure it out for awhile. If you are looking for new foods to try to give your adventurous baby, look for similar textured foods first (obviously being aware of possible allergy issues). If the kid likes cream cheese, try hummus. Grape fan? Try Cherry Tomatoes. As for similar tastes? Think sweet, tangy, salty, sour. If your kiddo likes pineapple, try pickles. Grilled chicken? Try a grilled pork chop. It is so simple, but when you are struggling to think of foods to feed a picky kid, this simple reminder can be so handy.

All else fails, give them doughnuts

Looking for some advice

Monday, December 6th, 2010

I really think my husband and I are hitting our stride as parents. Spencer is a charming, smart, playful little guy who, for the most part, is very good natured. He has his moments, though, and is clearly entering the volatile toddler years. There hasn’t been a full blown tantrum yet, but there has been some dramatic body flinging and a wee bit of foot stomping. There are a few areas where I think we could use some advice. We have tried a bunch of things and nothing is working quite right. Tell me your triumphs and your failures. Help. It is going to be help a mama out week here at Baby Baby Lemon.

Topic the First: Eating with Utensils and Throwing Food

Spencer is ok with eating. He is super-awesome with his hands. He can feed himself with a pre-filled spoon and every once in a while is successful at stabbing something with a fork and getting it to his mouth, but he is not consistent and is just as likely to throw the fork on the floor as stick it in his mouth. He also throws food. Not all the time, just when he gets bored of it (I think).

I feel like he is behind on his eating skills, but Baby Center says 17 to 18 months, so maybe he isn’t too far behind. I don’t really how to teach him how to use the spoon. I let him hold the spoon, hold the bowl full of yogurt or oatmeal and he stabs the spoon in it over and over again, sometimes sticking it in his mouth and sometimes wiping it on my arm or stabbing his high chair tray. Is this still the learning process and I just need to stick it out? Because to be quite honest, I hate it. It wastes food, makes a mess and takes forever.

And the food throwing? Will he grow out of that too? I can deal with the mysterious finickiness where he loves oatmeal on Tuesday and on Wednesday he acts like I’m feeding him poison. I can deal with having to cut up his food in little pieces. But I would like to introduce a plate without the plate (and the food) being tossed back in my face.

So, tell me your stories. Can your toddler use a plate and a fork? Do you have a finickier eater? Do you have the best. baby. ever? Please share.


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

To say Spencer loves tomatoes would be a huge understatement. Words can’t even describe how much of an understatement. I’m not sure what I am going to do when I can’t get the awesome beefsteak tomatoes from farmer’s market; I hope he is ok with the crappy hothouse winter variety tomato. Here in Southern California, we can get most produce year round, but the tomatoes do suffer.

Tonight we had a just me and the babe dinner, so I made my old college staple of hummus and tomato on toast (I used to be a vegetarian) with a side of cheese. Spencer isn’t quite ready for such a slippery sandwich so he had hummus on toast with sliced tomatoes and cheese chunks on the side. He wasn’t too crazy about the hummus toast at first, but then I discovered that a few days short of 15 months, the little guy understands bargaining.

He would chant maydoh, maydoh until I gave him a piece of tomato and he was ignoring the toast. So, I said that he couldn’t have any more tomato until he ate his toast. And he started shoving the toast in his mouth by the handful. I was kidding; little did I know that the kiddo who can’t seem to understand n0 when he is pushing the dvd player buttons could understand the principle of if/then statements. Or he just so desperately wanted more maydoh he shoved whatever in his mouth until some turned up.

Rookie Mistake

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

I should have known that applesauce and graham cracker crumbs would combine to make glue. I was feeding Spence some applesauce at the end of dinner as a last ditch effort for my exhausted butt to get some fruits/vegetables in to the poor kid. I’m just so tired that meals have been slapped together. I think it is a combination of Spencer’s sleeping issues and my self-imposed stress about his upcoming party. Last night he went to bed like an angel at 8:30 and I was in bed by 11:15 and laid awake until 1 thinking about party things. And Spencer woke at 2. Dumb Rookie Mom mistake.

His hair was glued in little chunks that I was able to get out, but why did I not think that he would run his grubby little hands through his hair. He does it every meal. But somehow, this time, when I didn’t put the pieces together when the crumbs covered his sticky hands that a huge mess has about to be deposited in his head. He’s no worse for the wear.

Exhibit A

What’s that? You can’t see the mess? Allow me to present more evidence.

Exhibit B

At least he looks pleased with himself.

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