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Fall Leaves at North Lake

Friday, November 6th, 2015

I missed a bunch of leaves this year. I couldn’t quite make it to the leaves when they were peaking at the higher elevations and then all of a sudden we had a few nights in the 20s and all the leaves in town started dropping at once. We have some definite leaf raking (and flinging) plans for this weekend.

These are from a few weeks ago when we took an impromptu drive up to once of the mountain lakes on early release day from school.


I love reflected leaves

Fall Colors Inyo County

Spencer was very in to posing that day. ‘Look mom, I’m a werewolf.”

Fall Leaves Inyo Eastern Sierras

I made my husband hold his foot out of frame.

North Lake Inyo County

I tried so hard to get a christmas card shot in the tangled roots. The kids were unable to get on the same page… facially. This one of Truman is cute though.

Inyo County Fall leaves

“Take a picture of my rock,” he said. Ok then.


Halloween 2015 – Mario And Luigi – Almost

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

I really wanted Spencer and Truman to be Mario and Luigi this year. I figured it was the year the short/squat vs tall/thin combo would really be peaking. Plus, look how cute they are!




But alas, it wasn’t meant to be. I got them in their costumes for about 10 photos, 1 of which they are both standing still and 2 cute of Truman solo and then they complained. I think Truman thought the Mario suit was itchy because he pulled at the back and just kept repeating off, off, off until it was off. He was fine as a robot. And Spencer went with Robin for Trick or Treating; Robin from Teen Titans Go as he told every single person who asked who he was.






At least I keep all their costumes so they can be 17million different things again next year!

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Halloween House 2015

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

We’ve lived on a busy halloween street for two years now and I love it. Between last year before Halloween, plus some clearance and a little bit this October, we have built up a bit of  a collection of outside decorations; a bit all over the place theme-wise, but a collection nonetheless. I tried to narrow the porch area down to orange/spiders and then we had ghosts around the yard. Plus a skeleton. And a zombie head. And a bird. Everyone has their favorites and it’s hard to narrow things down.



I thought my bar cart candy station was so clever. And then Truman figured out how to unwrap lollipops.


Finishing touches. Our glow in the dark spiders were disappointingly non-glowy.


Robin vs the Ghost Tree


Weirdly obsessed with the skeleton bird in a cage.


He started the day as a web-trapped skeleton, but he didn’t stay there all night.


Truman loves this zombie head. He said hi to it every day. Weirdo.


Last year’s eyeball wreath matched nothing this year but the kids wouldn’t let me leave it in the storage tub.

paper mache floating eye of death

Floating eye of death! My only DIY this year. It’s paper mache – basically an unfilled eyeball pinata.

floating eye of death pinata

It got busy enough that we sat on the porch and gave away candy – or ate it, in Spencer’s case


Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I am debating a NaBloPoMo – or in my case a NaBloPhoMo (mostly photo posts), if that is a thing. I have felt disconnected from this blog and feel like it might be finally fading out. But at the same time I miss it. Maybe posting once per day will make me feel recharged and clean up the million things in draft.

Brace Yourself

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

The Fall photos are coming…

fall leaves


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