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We had an egg-stravaganza!

Monday, April 25th, 2011

Even though we don’t really celebrate the religious aspects of Easter are some of my favorite holiday fun times. Easter baskets, egg hunts, dying eggs (skipped it this year) and jelly beans are some of the best things all year. I love it! We went to brunch at my in-laws where Spencer was shockingly well behaved for having the schedule moved around a bit. And he looked adorable.

The shoes kill me. Why yes, I did force him to pose for a picture in the drizzle. Toddlers dry quickly, all was good. After brunch, Spencer had his first mini-egg hunt as grandma scattered a few (naturally dye, natch) eggs through the living room.

After brunch we headed home. Spencer had a nap and mama had a cocktail (a fizzy cherry vodka sour, if you must know) and a long much needed chat with her sister.  After hubs got home from work we had another backyard egg hunt.

The first rule of egg club: there is no such thing as too many eggs.

I think he spotted it!

Two more eggs for the basket.

The last egg he found was the golden egg.

Pumpkin Patch

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

We didn’t go to the pumpkin patch last year. Spencer was pretty small and the hubs was still on the night shift and exhausted all of the time. I didn’t even dress him up, just got a shirt with a pumpkin on it and called it Halloween. This year, I feel a lot differently. There are memories to be made, people. Starting, of course, with a trip to the pumpkin patch. We went on a Tuesday afternoon, so the patch was almost empty and Spencer could run, and fall, to his little hearts content. We started with the animals.

Spencer thinks nearly all birds are ducks and these geese were no exception. They seemed pretty mellow, considering how evil geese can be, but we still had to keep Spencer from sticking his little fingers in to the pen. The llama, which you can see in the background of the picture on the top right, had seen better days. Spencer also enjoyed looking at the mules that were pulling the hayride.

Spencer poked and patted a whole lot of pumpkins. He called them balls, as he calls most round things balls, but at least he didn’t try and throw any of them.

And he loved running through the fields. He’s getting pretty adept, too. Most of the falls were due to tripping over vines. Spencer is also a budding eco-warrior, he picked up the trash in the fields and would bring it to us. Or it is possible that he just likes things that are shiny. Magpie, eco-warrior, same diff.

And Spencer and I took a somewhat decent picture, as long as you ignore the state of my hair. See those stupid chunks of hair sticking up out of the barrettes – I am STILL dealing with the BangsOfDoom from June. Stupid slow growing hair, I need to hurry up and get pregnant again just to grow out my bangs. Seriously though, there was the cutest little squishy baby dressed up in a pumpkin outfit at the patch and it reignited the baby fever.

Weekend Fun

Monday, August 9th, 2010

I normally think of a weekend with one big outing as sufficient. I love hanging with Spencer at home or close by and frequently have to be dragged out of the house. This weekend we tackled an air show and Grandpa’s birthday dinner party on Friday, a parade and a visit to the county fair on Saturday and then a birthday brunch on Grandpa’s actual birthday followed by epic naps on Sunday. The baby and I are wiped out.

The Air Show was fun. I went to this one a million years ago when I was in high school and it was fun to go again. It was at a local naval air base and because we were coastal the weather was not really cooperating. The cloud cover was too heavy for most of the planes to actual put on the show part, but we had a good time walking around and looking at the planes, helicopters and trucks on the ground. Two planes (little bi-planey guys) did go up and we saw an amazing trick where the pilot landed the plane on top of a pick-up truck, and then took off again. I think it is similar to how planes land on a carrier or something, to be quite honest, I didn’t really understand it. They announced that it would be at least and hour before some planes might get in to the air, so we bailed and went and got lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Yum.

We went home and had some family nap and lounge time and then headed over to the in-law’s for Grampa’s birthday. All 3 of his kids were visiting from the Bay Area and they had a bunch of their friends over for a big dinner. Grampa, a former restaurateur,  made his famous paella. Spencer was ok during the pre-dinner festivities, but the family follows a more European dining pattern and dinner wasn’t served until 8. Spencer held in there for about 30 minutes, but I think the combination of the late start, eating at a big table and eating outside in the near dark did him in. We didn’t stay for dessert. He fell asleep in the car, but luckily wen t right back to sleep after getting him in his jammies.

Please note that the baby in the picture above is playing with unfinished wood scraps two feet from open flame. Not my idea of appropriate child activity, but I was not asked my opinion. He has plenty of supervision from people who think it is fine, so I let it go.

Saturday was filled with civic family fun. Now, I am not really a parade person, but I haven’t been to a parade since I marched with my girl scout troop in the 5th grade. That said, I loved the parade and so did Spencer. Although, that is not totally evident in this photo, but he does look comfy with his foot propped up.

I went to the parade with the co-worker who used to share my office; it is all hers now, but she left all of the pictures of Spencer up. Which is awesome. It was so much fun going to the parade with someone who loves it as much as she does. There was lots of clapping, cheering and waving at the floats. Spencer even started clapping along. Overall, it was a pretty small parade: local bands and cheerleaders with a sprinkling of beauty queens and politicians waving from convertibles. So fun. Then we moved the car and headed to the fair.

I had fun at the Fair too. When we got there it was pretty empty, we were able to cruise the midway and look at the rides with out any crowds. This is an awful picture, but look! Empty Midway! Awesome.

We met up with another friend from my former workplace and wandered and snacked and wandered some more. Spencer conked out in his stroller for a nap (yay! I was a little worried) and we checked out the displays and waited for him to wake up before we visited the animals. It didn’t matter. He didn’t seem particularly interested in the sheep or goats and got agitated in the rabbit barn. I think it was the smell.

Spencer and I called it a day at about 5; everyone else stayed to watch Styxx and the fireworks. I think we have a new tradition and it is true: having a kid makes you like all these things again.

Unfortunately for my tired butt, the weekend fun still wasn’t over. Another birthday event for Grampa, this one brunch with just family. My husband was working, so it was just me and Spencer representing our family. Which was too bad. Things got a little judgemental, but I am used to it. And I didn’t want Spencer to have straight juice – the horror! And then we concluded our very busy weekend with lots of napping, confirming my position on Team Nap.

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