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(Not) Changing My Life. Again.

Monday, May 4th, 2015

Some people get worked up about New Year’s Resolutions. I make them, sometimes themes or words or goals or whatever. I never succeed. I never really try. Even my making of New Year’s Resolutions is half-hearted. Spring cleaning, however, I can get behind.

I think it is because May is the month before my birthday, and my birthday is aaaallll the way at the end of June, that I always think that I can fix all the things I hate about myself before I hit the next age. Sometimes it even works. My blog has a history of posts with inspiration and failures and abandoned attempts at self-improvement and that is even without delving in to the drafts folder or word doc filled with potential urls for a whole new, fresh start, (World oldest HLB is a personal favorite, but the KALE. Ugh.)

My current fix all the things obsessions include:

7 Minute Workout App

7 Minute Workout App

Here’s hoping something works; I’ll let you know.

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