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Halloween House 2015

Sunday, November 1st, 2015

We’ve lived on a busy halloween street for two years now and I love it. Between last year before Halloween, plus some clearance and a little bit this October, we have built up a bit of  a collection of outside decorations; a bit all over the place theme-wise, but a collection nonetheless. I tried to narrow the porch area down to orange/spiders and then we had ghosts around the yard. Plus a skeleton. And a zombie head. And a bird. Everyone has their favorites and it’s hard to narrow things down.



I thought my bar cart candy station was so clever. And then Truman figured out how to unwrap lollipops.


Finishing touches. Our glow in the dark spiders were disappointingly non-glowy.


Robin vs the Ghost Tree


Weirdly obsessed with the skeleton bird in a cage.


He started the day as a web-trapped skeleton, but he didn’t stay there all night.


Truman loves this zombie head. He said hi to it every day. Weirdo.


Last year’s eyeball wreath matched nothing this year but the kids wouldn’t let me leave it in the storage tub.

paper mache floating eye of death

Floating eye of death! My only DIY this year. It’s paper mache – basically an unfilled eyeball pinata.

floating eye of death pinata

It got busy enough that we sat on the porch and gave away candy – or ate it, in Spencer’s case


Hope everyone had a great Halloween! I am debating a NaBloPoMo – or in my case a NaBloPhoMo (mostly photo posts), if that is a thing. I have felt disconnected from this blog and feel like it might be finally fading out. But at the same time I miss it. Maybe posting once per day will make me feel recharged and clean up the million things in draft.

Passive Aggressive Father’s Day Cards

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

Passive Aggressive Father’s Day Cards For Your Internet Wife
because only she will think they are funny.

{Note: these are not passive aggressively directed at MY husband. Maybe yours…}

Spite Angel: A NonChristmasy Christmas Tale

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

Christmas is weird. Growing up my family celebrated a pretty traditional, if not particularly religious way, with some goofy traditions thrown in. My mom had this nativity scene and we had to hide the baby Jesus until after Christmas and we used to start out with Mary and Joseph far away and move them closer. Then the wise men, too. Did other people do things like this? I never knew my family was weird until I got old. Now I know, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Right now, I do a lot of Christmas things because Spencer wants to do them. I let him pick which decorations we even got out this year. Except for Spite Angel. She always comes out. This year I did a little tableau of villains on the shelf mirror just for fun. I think everyone should have a sort of ugly decoration with a great story that makes you laugh every year when you get it out. Spite Angel is mine.

She just needs a spite candle.

After my mom died, my sister and I did the estate sale ourselves  after we had a few specialists come through and look at the furniture and stuff. My mom had a ton of Christmas stuff. It even had it’s own section at the sale. My mom also had a random collection of angels and candleholders and angel candleholders and those all went with the Christmas stuff too. Some were ceramic or silver (colored) and there were a few brass ones. This angel candle holder wasn’t the fanciest of the bunch, but we did it priced it at $1 or something (because brass and fancy!) and this lady kept trying to buy it for 25 cents.

She would ask me and then my sister and kept trying to get us to cave or go lower and this was only the first day of the sale and in the morning too. Our prices were already dirt cheap and there were tons of delightful unwittingly mispriced items that people were happy to share with us after they bought things. Did you know this is a civil war blah blah chair you sold for $2? Mwah hah hah, it’s mine now. But this lady? Was not going to talk us down. We told her that everything would be half off on Sunday and she could come back and get it then for 50 cents.

And she was all “I WILL JUST GET IT ON SUNDAY FOR 25 CENTS THEN.” Ha.Ha.Ha. No.

So it didn’t sell on Saturday and when she came back on Sunday,  I hid it in the house so she couldn’t have it. She looked and looked and was so, so annoyed. It was awesome.

Moral of the story: spite is totally worth losing an estate sale dollar

Also, my mom would totally approve of the existence of spite angel and this story. I already mentioned we were a family of weirdo, right?

How to Use a Craft Punch on Tissue Paper

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Just file this craft punch post under things I am posting on the blog so maybe someone doesn’t have to spend as long as I did trying to figure out a good way to make it work. I didn’t google how to use a craft punch on tissue paper before I started so if five million tutorials already exist, well then, I guess I should have googled.

How to use a craft punch on tissue paper

I’m not sure if you have ever tried using a made for paper craft punch on anything but printer weight paper, card stock or construction paper, but it doesn’t always go so well. There can be lots of tearing and materials can get stuck in the punch, especially with tissue paper.

torn and sad. Stars didn’t fare much better.

I had sort of given up on the idea and then Spencer’s teacher asked me if it would be possible to punch her a few hundred tissue paper stars for the kids for a decoupage project at the school. I decided it must be possible after all. I already had the punch (I stock up at Michael’s random 40% all punches sales. I am building an arsenal), she loaded me up with tissue paper and I got to work.

My first attempt was a single layer of tissue paper layered between two pieces of construction paper. It worked with a bit of slippage but the star came out with clean edges and no tearing. Done and done, but a few hundred would take forever and I would be left with double the amount of unneeded construction paper stars. (She said she would take any paper stars and figure out a project so I was too concerned but that seemed like a lot of extra supplies to use.)

Doubling up the tissue paper in to two layers between the paper also worked but led to some wrinkles, then I had a realization. I needed a third hand or a better way to hold the paper. Enter the magic of the elbow! I put everything on the table, pinned it down with my elbow, held the paper upright with my hand (of the same arm) and was able to punch the length of the paper with minimal slippage.  It also eliminates the need for the backing paper. I had the tissue folded so it was longer than the top paper, so I would just punch the length of the printer/construction paper and then trim the punched edge off and slide up to punch the remainder of the tissue sheet(s).

How to use a craft punch with tissue paper

It’s like magic! After some trial and error, I got up to cutting through 10 layers of tissue (5 folded pieces) with the top paper. Since you get 11-12 stars per side, that isn’t too bad, over 100 per row.

Craft Punch Tissue Paper Stars

The stacks of punched stars easily slide apart. I only tried this with two shapes, so I know it works with a heart and a star, but I think it would work with any simple shape. Also, my punch was on the new side. I imagine this would get tougher with a dull punch. I have so many ideas for what to do with a million tissue paper shapes – and what a fun way to make table confetti for a party!

Tissue Paper stars

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