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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

I finally feel like I can do wordless wednesday (on Tuesday!) some justice again. Baby has been had (and is already 2 months) and the move has been completed. Plus we are almost unpacked! So, so sad that it has been 6 weeks and I am still at almost. I’m blaming the newborn. At least he’s cute, though. I can’t believe how big he already is.


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Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Spencer likes to pick me special yellow flowers.

On the hunt

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Easter Fashion Flashback!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

I’m a little bummed that I can’t find pictures of more horrific outfits. My mom dressed us so, so awfully for Easter that it became a long standing joke and “tulip vest” became family shorthand for embarrassing handmade clothes. Those vests are forever burned in my memory. I drew this picture for my sister last week in DrawSomething and she accurately guessed Easter when I was only halfway through.

Long, long ago, we looked like this in non-stick-figure form:

I think this was about 1982. I’m surprised they got me to stand so close to those flowers, I hated them so, so much. Why, might you ask? The bees. Oh good god the bees. Every Saturday my sister and I had to do yard work as part of our chores and I always got stuck cutting the dead daisies. I hated it. I still hate the smell of those.

I love Easter growing up. So many fun memories of searching for our Easter baskets when we woke up and then later the egg hunt. The egg hunt was a very big deal. Without fail every year a few eggs would go unfound because my parents were hard core egg hiders. Eggs were hidden by color in various plants and few times they even unscrewed light bulbs in the outdoor lights and replaced them with eggs. Hardcore.

Do you have a childhood easter outfits that you would like to share? Suzanne and I would love to see them – adorable, embarrassing, festive – we take all kinds. Feel free to link up below.

Wordless Wednesday: 2.5

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

Spencer had his half birthday last week and while we don’t do much, we do try to at least acknowledge it. My original plan was to make some cupcakes, but I lost all motivation, but I’m glad I did. We picked up one of those big slices of cake when we got some takeout for dinner and I think it was the first time Spencer had chocolate cake. The results were hilarious. By the time he finished eating (and we gave him maybe a quarter of a slice), he was singing songs comprised mostly of jibberish.

He's got the 2 down, working on adding the point five


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