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Stupid Hairs

Monday, November 8th, 2010

I wish I could have frozen Spencer’s hair in time a few months ago when his hair was perfect.

July 2010

I love it here. A little shaggy, but not covering his eyes. It still looked ok in the beginning of August.

Early August 2010

By the end of August it was looking a little shaggy, but still passable. I started going through my pictures to see if I could find the tipping point. It might be September 13th:

Or possibly September 18th:

By September 25th, it was definitely too long:

And that is about when the comments started. At first they were infrequent. Someone would brush the hair out of his eyes murmur something. I would answer that we needed it long for his Halloween costume. Then the comments got more and more frequent and by last week, someone would say something every single time I took him out. Even my sister said something. The cashier at the grocery store said he looked like a sheepdog. They may have a point:

November 2010

So, we got him a haircut. I did a little facebook poll, got some local suggestions and looked on the internet. Of the two options, one had an incredibly scary website, complete with purple comic sans on a lavender background and the other choice had no website at all.  We went with the second place.(Which I would link, but apparently it lives in the 1900s because, again, no website.)

We made the right choice too. She was fabulous with Spencer. And fast. His curls hit the floor before I saw it coming. It turned out pretty cute, but I might be biased.

It has taken some getting used to. I went to get him up after his nap and I was startled by the little boy looking back at me.

Looking like a toddler for sure!

13 Months

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Spencer turned 13 months yesterday. Wow! I have no idea where August went. It seems like his party was just a few days a go, probably because we still have one of the banners up and I haven’t done the thank you notes yet. I just got so caught up in the San Francisco trip and then this last week has been recovery from that; I still don’t have one of the bags all the way unpacked. Maybe I am just lazy. That would also explain the lack of unpacking and thank you note writing.

We had is 1 year appointment a little bit late. He is doing well, finally cracked the 50th percentile in weight and is back up to the 95th in height. I still don’t know the point of the head circumference, but he is in the 75th. All in all, I am pleased. We got the fluoride lecture again, but (again) I mentioned that he gets tap water and our is fluoridated so we are good on that front. The doctor didn’t seem concerned that he won’t drink milk because we are still breastfeeding. She also seemed to think I deserved some sort of award for still breastfeeding considering all of the problems we had in the beginning. I didn’t mention the fact that our success is due to twitter, finding a LC with a support group and ignoring any advice that came from the doctor’s office.

Developmentally, he seems to be on track. He is walking all the time now, with a few ill-fated attempts at running. Those were pretty funny: step, step, step, stepstepstep, splat. I shouldn’t laugh, but he is a good faller and gets up smiling. He is up to almost 10 words with a new one every couple days. He can recognize objects and follow directions.

We are approaching the scary place of boundaries and discipline and I feel a little unprepared and unsettled. He learned how to climb yesterday and I don’t know how to keep him off the trunk, chairs and tables. I say no, remove him and try to redirect, but it is not working. He also is biting, A lot. And not just when he is nursing, he bit me on my arm the other day, hard enough to leave a bruise. When I say no, he laughs at me. I do not like the way that makes me feel. There will be a longer post on this soon, I am sure. Any book recommendations or suggestions are welcome in the comments.

Baby Talk

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Spencer’s vocabulary has exploded in the last week. He started out saying Bye-Bye and then added Car. Over our San Francisco weekend, he added Wa for water, Mo’ for More, Mama, a funky pronunciation of Ball, Mum-mum (think I give him too many?), Cat used in reference to his toy cat, Toe and I think he is trying to say Book, but it comes out more like bo or boo.  I’m not sure what happened; I don’t know whether I just noticed that has babbling was actually in relation to objects or if he just had a break through. I do know that it is awesome.

I think my favorite thing in when he is nursing and he stops to look around and then pats me on the boob and goes mo’, mo’. So adorable.

New Developments

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

I am loving the developmental stage that Spencer is entering. He mimics sounds and actions, is trying to talk and is all around adorable. We make an exaggerated sniffy face when checking his diaper, occasionally accompanied by “You stiiiiiiink.” Spencer caught on and is now sniffing through his nose. But he scrunches up his entire face to do it. The first time he tried I started laughing so hard that I nearly peed my pants. I’m trying to get it on film, but it has proved to be elusive.

Physically, his walking has improved tremendously. He wanders around the house like a drunken sailor and actually chooses to walk for transportation sometimes, instead of just walking two or three steps and crawling the rest of the way. Luckily, he is a pretty good faller and he rarely cries from a tumble. I am kind of dreading the running. I know it isn’t far off; he tried to take a few super-fast steps and did a full on faceplant. I do get nervous when he is walking around on concrete, but I just need to get used to it and truly if I stop and think about it, it is probably safer than when he crawls on the patio. He has gotten some scrapes that way.

He also is making some progress vocally. He can say bye-bye, mama and it trying his hardest to say car. Well, he can say car, just with a Boston accent – it sounds like caw – it is almost always yelled. I am absolutely astounded with how loud Spencer is now. Always banging things, yelling and laughing. I guess I should just be satisfied that it is a happy loud. A friend warned me that kids just get louder and louder. I wonder when it stops – middle school?

To wrap up, he is such a great kid and I am really loving this age.

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