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Night-time Diapering

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

I think night-time is when a lot of parents struggle with diapering, not just cloth diapering, but disposables too. We were able to daytime cloth diaper and disposable at night until the literal diaper explosion (not poopsplosion, the actual diaper exploded) and now a quest for a cloth solution continues. I know a lot of people who recommend wool covers for night, but I am not sure about the expense. I’ve tried some fitteds with covers and have had some success. His jammies are just damp, not wet, in the morning. He sleeps in a fleece sleep sack and that wicks some of the leaking away and keeps the sheets dry. Not the most elegant solution, but it is kind of working.

Part of my concern with leaking is purely selfishly motivated. While we don’t co-sleep, Spencer is having some night waking issues that we are working on. For a few months, we have spent most of the night sleeping together in a recliner, the baby refusing to go back in the crib after waking between midnight and 1 am. This has been going on since I returned to work in December. Ow, my back is an understatement. However, things are improving. I’ve been getting him back in his crib for pretty much all of his wakings until 5 am. And at the 5 am waking, I am so sleepy, I normally just fall asleep in the chair and we both wake up together around 7:30.  (The chair set-up is secure, it is a big recliner and I place a pillow where he can’t roll or be smothered, it is fine.) The point of explaining the sleep situation – when his diaper is more likely to leak is when he is sleeping on me. After a few mornings of getting a little pee on me, I am hunting even harder for a solution.

I have one more diaper in the mail and I think I need to order a few more covers, maybe one wool and one more regular. My saving grace in all of this really is the Monday night #clothdiapers chat on Twitter. It starts at 8 pm EST or so and is chock full of knowledgeable mamas willing to help a newbie out.

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