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Patio Makeover

Friday, May 17th, 2013

You know how sometimes when you buy a new couch or chair, you put it in the room and maybe rearrange the furniture and everything else looks shabby? So then you decide that you maybe need a new lamp over there and wouldn’t some curtains be nice and all of a sudden you’ve painted the room and have all new furniture? Yeah. That. But outside.

It started simply enough, with a new patio that we’ve been meaning to put in since we bought the house in 2007.

pavers set in polymetric sand

This wasn’t a DIY project by any means. Is HIY a thing? Because we totally hire it ourselves. We know our limits and our talents and patiosĀ aren’t on the list. We found a great guy who did the patio and planters. Then we asked him to do a small paved section on the other side of the house, build a large planter box and who knows what else. I am trying to get a matching U-shaped planter on the other side of the house. SO exciting. We’ve been trying to get this stuff done forever. More pictures soon.

Spencer is super-excited because we nearly doubled his driving/riding area. Plus, it makes an excellent outdoor dance floor.

patio pavers from Lowe's

We got the pavers off the shelf at Lowe’s so nothing that fancy. For the curious, it’s the allen + roth luxora collection. They are on base and sand and then set with polymetric sand, not cement. From out my window, it seems super easy!

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