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Poor Little Guy

Friday, May 13th, 2011

As I write this, I am up at what feels like the crack of dawn after a night of almost no sleep, sitting next to a poor, miserable little Spencer. He threw up for the first time last night, his first real non-spit up puke. And it was bright pink from the fruit snacks he ate after dinner and all over me. Someone should make motherhood badges, last light I earned the Puked On badge, I better go so it on my vest.

We have no idea what is wrong, probably justĀ  a bug. He had no symptoms before the pukefest. We got him changed into new jammies, I changed, we cleaned the bed and he promptly threw up again. But then he went to sleep. He woke up early this morning with a fever, then had some water and puked again. He’s back asleep now, but still feels blazing hot. Poor little guy.

Sick Baby

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

I’m a not a fan of the mystery illness. Spencer seemed a little warm late Saturday afternoon and a quick check with the thermometer revealed a temperature of 102; I administered some acetaminophen and moved on with our day. He seemed in relatively good spirits and a quick fraught with danger finger probe in to his mouth revealed an edge of a molar poking through on both the left and right sides of his mouth. 102 seemed high for a teething fever, but again, no other symptoms.

Not a happy camper

He ate dinner and went to bed without much of a fuss, but started waking up every hour at about midnight. I took his temperature at about 2 am and it was 103.7. Heart attack city. I debated packing us up and heading to the ER, but 2 am on a Saturday night is not when you want to be in an ER. I used to work for one. I know these things. The fever went down and we snuggled up in the recliner for most of the night. Most of Sunday, Spencer seemed his usual self, running a temperature around 100, but acting fairly normally, but a little extra clingy.

Hubs got home from work and Spencer’s fever was just getting higher and higher. We dosed again and tried a cool bath and the poor tuckered out little guy fell asleep at 7, an hour earlier than normal, which was handy for watching Mad Men, but not so great when he woke up an hour later with a 104.7 fever. I was ready to head to the ER immediately, but hubs calmed me down and we tried meds again and his fever was down to something more reasonable within the hour. It was another crappy night and I ended up sleeping in the recliner with Spencer from 2 am until about 7. He would fall asleep in my arms, but wake when I put him in the crib. Every. Single. Time. So, I gave up and did some more chair sleeping. My back, by the way, is killing me.

Monday morning was awesome. Spencer and I joined the hubs in bed about 8 and Spencer played for a bit and then looked a little sleepy, so we cuddled up and slept until 10ish. 10’o clock people! I think that is the latest I have slept in since Spencer was born. It was awesome. He seemed quiet, but in pretty good sprits for the rest of the morning and then after lunch and a long nap, I had my usual baby back. His fever hasn’t been above 101 all of Monday.

My guess is that all of this is just a random virus that happened to have no other symptoms. If he turns up with a rash in the next day or two, then it will be roseola, which I know all about since he had the mystery rash and I did all of that rash googling. It was really stressful, but I am stoked he is on the mend.

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