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Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

Spencer had a great birthday and a great Team UmiZoomi party! I’m off to BlogHer in NYC so might not be visiting much around the linky this week, but I would love it if you linked up and visited each other.  Hope to have some great shots from a rooftop sunset (ish) party in NYC for next week. And if you are going to BlogHer, don’t forget bebehblog’s photo challenge.

Have a great week!

A Team UmiZoomi Birthday Party

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I asked Spencer what kind of birthday party he wanted this year and he said he wanted a “Team UmiZoomi bounce party.” I figured I might as well give it a shot. I went with a bounce place rental because we can’t fit a rented bounce house in our yard. This made for a pretty easy party (and no house cleaning!); just needed to bring food, cake and decorations. The only problem? Team UmiZoomi is a very specific theme (it’s a show on Nick Jr for those without toddlers or cable) and one that is really hard to purchase. Nothing to be found at Target, OTC or party supply. The closest thing was Yo Gabba Gabba or Dora and that just wouldn’t do. I was determined to give Spencer a Team UmiZoomi birthday party.

Enter and their wonderful selection of printables and two different Team UmiZoomi party options: a Milli party or decorations with the whole Umi gang. I thought I would show some what I selected and how I used them. The place had some limits on what could be brought (nothing stuck to walls/ceiling/hanging anything), but I made do.

Team UmiZoomi Birthday Party Invite

Invites: print, cut and fold!

I tried to use shapes where ever I could, so the invites went out with a printed UmiZoomi “sticker” (I just glued them on) and some circle stickers.

Team UmiZoomi Birthday Party Favors

The goodie bags were just a plain paper lunch bag with a few things inside and then a thank you “sticker” with circle and star stickers. The stuff inside was not on theme. The kids are three, they didn’t notice.

For non hanging decorations, I went with the Milli paper chain, pinwheels and the table topper. I didn’t have card stock for the table topper so I just glued them on either side of a small box. (The staff setting up the party would not get out of the way for me to get pictures of the food table and then Spencer thrashed the decorations when we got home, so use your imagination. It was cute!)

Team UmiZoomi birthday party

To turn the pinwheels in to table top decorations, I made them fake pinwheels. I used circle stickers to hold the folds in and then also used the stickers (3 per back side) to attach the pinwheel to a bamboo skewer. Then I poked the skewer threw the cup. I placed some of the extra (untoothpicked) cupcake topper cut outs on the tables.

I used this same method for the other umicar table top decorations. (Those are actually the practice prints for the iron on transfer. Waste not, want not!)

team umizoomi birthday party cupcakes

My cupcakes had super shape power! I used star, triangle and oval sprinkles. The triangle and ovals are actually Wilton animal parts for cake pops, I think to make beaks and puppy/kitty faces. Whatever. Score! Triangles. Spencer was excited.

mini team umizoomi birthday party cupcakes

Mini cupcakes for the adults.

Team UmiZoomi Birthday Party Tshirt

Iron on transfer for the shirt. Loved the dark fabric iron on transfer, no reverse image (although nickjr helpfully provides both versions), plus no post iron peeling. It washed up great, I just used the target brand transfer sheets. We already washed this (to get some cake off). It washed up fantastic. We skipped the dryer and had no cracking so far.

Make a wish!

A few bounce pictures, but most had other kids in them. Trust me, fun was had by all.

Spencer was such a well behaved birthday boy. He shared his crown, scepter and throne and let all the kids help him open his presents. We decided to let them work it out organically and it went pretty well. No tears!


This post was not sponsored by or affiliated with Nick Jr or Team UmiZoomi in any way. I wanted to get some ideas out there in case someone else goes looking for ideas on the internet. Luckily, I already knew about the printables from printing off coloring pages in the past. 


Friday, July 27th, 2012

It takes some serious dedication to bake your own birthday party cupcakes on the night of your birthday. Especially when you are three. Happy Birthday Spencer! You are awesome.

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