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Quality Time

Friday, November 12th, 2010

I spent most of today off of the internet because the file restore download for my photos was taking forever and slowing everything down to an intolerable speed. It was quite a shock to the system. I usually spend a lot of time online, on twitter, reading blogs and news websites, getting my daily dose of online junk food from the gawker sites, not so much on facebook any more.

And today I did almost none of that. 2 of my 6 email accounts (I know) go to my phone, so I got the important stuff. I peeked in on twitter here and there and got on facebook once in the morning. You know what I didn’t feel today? Outrage. Anger. Annoyance. I didn’t roll my eyes once. (Not even at my husband!) I made turkey stock and fancy salad for dinner. I ran a ton of errands. I rolled yarn balls. It was awesome.

Clearly, I need to rethink my priorities. I need to rethink who I follow on twitter, what blogs I read and I need to back the hell away from twitter when twitstorms are happening. Or learn to control myself and just ignore it. While, social media is often used for good, there is often a cost. And right now part of the cost is my sanity. You might see less of me on twitter – maybe not, we’ll see. What I will be doing more of is the interacting part of social media, answering every @, every email and, what relates the most to here, answering every comment.

This crazy online world with the twitters and the blogs is what you make it. Sometimes I forget that it is opt in. No one is making me read blogs that are boring (not yours), tweets that cause my eyes to roll so hard they bounce in my skull (not yours again) and stupid facebook status updates (I heart the hide button).

That said, I have a new blog in the works. Woohoo! It is debuting next week. It is about food, not babies and is one hundred percent drama free. For now. People have opinions, but I would rather people rage against the mushrooms than wake up to a twitter stream slapping me in the face with pedophilia every two seconds. AND, I might have a giveaway or two or maybe three. I am feeling a little crazy.

Unfollow Friday

Friday, September 17th, 2010

I love Twitter. I spend a little too much time there. If you don’t care about Twitter or aren’t on there, I put a really cute picture of Spencer at the end of post to make it worth it. Here are some things about Twitter that drive me insane and are not recommended practices.

1. Auto-Direct Messages (DMs) that thank you for following a person. No one likes them. Especially if you are using them to pimp your blog or second twitter account. I will immediately unfollow.

2. Speaking of DMs, stop with the tweets that just say DM. Anyone who follows both of you can see these tweets and they are annoying. Either refresh your screen more often or set up your phone/email to notify you when you get one. I am likely to unfollow one of you to not see these anymore.

3. Giveaway spam. Yes, it is true you can win some fun stuff from Twitter. I have. But space out your entry tweets. No one wants their stream to have 25 different entry posts from one person all in a row. Also, if you don’t use your account for more than entering giveaways, I will check and I will unfollow. Other people will too. Twitter is about interaction.

4. Spelling. Abbreviations are a part of Twitter and part of the fun of squeezing a thought in to 140 characters. Sometimes we have to be creative. But if you can’t demonstrate that you actually know the difference between your and you’re. I will unfollow you. Respect the red squiggly line.

5. Always complaining. @Emmie_Bee just wrote an excellent post on this. No need to rehash it here. She made some good points.

Some good things about Twitter:

1. I’ve made some great friends there, some I have even managed to meet in real life, that I never would have had a chance to get to know otherwise.

2. Tweeting your blog posts helps get new readers. It is handy.

3. Emergency answers to random new mom questions in the middle of the night. I can’t stress the awesomeness of this enough. Some one is always up and ready to help.

And a super-cute photo of Spencer to close things out:

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