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Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

To say Spencer loves tomatoes would be a huge understatement. Words can’t even describe how much of an understatement. I’m not sure what I am going to do when I can’t get the awesome beefsteak tomatoes from farmer’s market; I hope he is ok with the crappy hothouse winter variety tomato. Here in Southern California, we can get most produce year round, but the tomatoes do suffer.

Tonight we had a just me and the babe dinner, so I made my old college staple of hummus and tomato on toast (I used to be a vegetarian) with a side of cheese. Spencer isn’t quite ready for such a slippery sandwich so he had hummus on toast with sliced tomatoes and cheese chunks on the side. He wasn’t too crazy about the hummus toast at first, but then I discovered that a few days short of 15 months, the little guy understands bargaining.

He would chant maydoh, maydoh until I gave him a piece of tomato and he was ignoring the toast. So, I said that he couldn’t have any more tomato until he ate his toast. And he started shoving the toast in his mouth by the handful. I was kidding; little did I know that the kiddo who can’t seem to understand n0 when he is pushing the dvd player buttons could understand the principle of if/then statements. Or he just so desperately wanted more maydoh he shoved whatever in his mouth until some turned up.

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