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Park Stuff

Monday, May 7th, 2012

I can’t be the only person who hates taking her child to the park because of the giant fit thrown when it is time to leave, can I? It’s gotten to the point where I actively avoid going to the park. Which sucks. We have fun at the park, Spencer gets some exercise and some sunshine, but leaving is so embarrassing. I have to threaten, cajole and beg. And that only works half the time.

Part of the issue is that he always seems to want to go at 4-4:30ish, which is theoretically fine, but then we can only stay about an hour because I need to get home to make dinner. The park is also packed with neighborhood kids then so the time to leave tantrums are extra excruciating.  I also don’t seem to know how to parent a toddler, so there’s that.

I’ve had the most success with countdowns. We talk about the time we are going to leave, I let him look at the numbers on the clock on my phone. Then I start doing, 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 3 minutes left. I ask him if he wants to do one more thing. We slide or whatever. I say it is time to go and he throws a fit: crying, yelling, hitting, sometimes throwing sand. I normally let him calm down a bit and then I have to threaten to carry him home over my shoulder before we can leave. I hate every minute of it.

The other thing that is really starting to drive me insane are rented jump houses on the weekend. I’m half tempted to try a petition to get them banned. The generators are noisy, it is super confusing to little kids and in some situations I think they’re a safety hazard. That one pictured about had about 20 kids in it ranging in age from 2-tween all running to one side and trying to tip the thing over. Ugh. And the generator noise drives me insane. In releated news, keep of my lawn you crazy kids. ::shakes cane::

So, how do you deal with the park? Any suggestions?


Breakfast with Spencer: A Short Play

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Scene {kitchen}
Spencer: What’s dat, mama?
Me: It’s a bagel. I’m going to toast it and put cream cheese on it. Do you want one?
Spencer: No, just help you.
Me: I’m putting it in the toaster, it’s too far back for you to help, but you can help me put cream cheese on it. Do you want one?
{toaster reads 3 min left}
Spencer: No. Just help you. Done now?
Me: No, when it says 0:00
{gets out cream cheese, toaster reads 2 min left}
Spencer: What’s that? Done now?
Me: Almost. It will beep.
{toaster beeps and blinks 0:00}
Spencer: Done NOW!
{puts bagel on plate}
Me: Ok. Hold my hand and help me spread it. Do you want one?
Spencer: Spread it, OK!
Me: Ok. Do you want half? I can cut it.
Spencer: No. Just help you eat it.
{grabs full half a bagel, licks it makes a face}
Spencer: Yuckers.
{drops on floor, cream cheese side down. Of course.}



Spencer the Jokester

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

Spencer loves to tell jokes, but doesn’t quite get it. His latest joke:

Spencer: Knock, knock

Me: Who’s there?

S: Banana

M: Banana Who?

S: Knock, knock

M: Who’s there?

S: Orange

M: Orange who?

S: Beep, beep

gales of laughter.

Unrelated, but cute, photo

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